Tiki’s Weekend Dog Playground

Tiki’s Playhouse Weekend Playground

Not Your Typical Dog Park

Bring your pup and grab a cup! Drink coffee with your friends while your dog plays with his friends at our dog playground in Howard County, Maryland! Tiki’s Playhouse invites the community to come out and enjoy our beautiful half acre fenced in yard on Saturday mornings from 8am-12pm. Besides providing a fun experience for the whole family, we make sure you and your pet are safe by having a Tiki’s Playhouse employee in the yard at all times to help ensure that your time with us is as pleasant as can be. In addition, we encourage you to stop into K-9 & Coffee, located on the premises, during your visit to pick up one of our delicious beverages before heading out to meet up with your dog and his friends.

Fee for admission into the doggie playground is FREE and all dogs MUST provide proof of vaccinations upon entering.
Playground Rules
1.) All rules will be strictly enforced and no refunds.
2.) All dogs must have current proof of vaccinations PERIOD. The
required vaccinations are Bordetella, Distemper(DHLLP), and Rabies. All dogs must be free of fleas and ticks.
3.) Absolutely NO aggressive dog behavior will be tolerated. If your dog becomes aggressive, you will be asked to leave the playground.
4.) All dogs must be spayed or neutered.
5.) Owners are responsible for cleaning up their dogs waste.
6.) All dogs must be in good health to enter playground. Do not bring a dog that has been sick within the last 24 hours to the playground. If you dog has been vomiting, sneezing, or has diarrhea do not enter the playground. If your dog has diarrhea while in the playground you will be asked to leave the playground.
7.) Dogs must be supervised by their owners at ALL times.
8.) No infants, toddlers or young children will be allowed in the
doggie playground. All children must be supervised by parents at ALL times and will not be left in the playground unattended. If children become disruptive, you will be asked to leave.
9.) Tiki’s Playhouse staff member will be present to enforce all the
above rules. By signing this agreement you have voluntarily agreed to abide by such rules.

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